Zac Harmon

Like a well-kept vacuum chamber, the Rhythm Room seems to have a spot-on knack for sucking in each and every sincere, deep-souled bluesman our venerable national swamp is able to cough up. Picking through the lot could be a real chore, but hell, in the end, what's the difference? Twelve bars, some harmonica, a bunch of well-played twangy guits and the aforementioned deep-souled sincerity should be more than enough to get you going with or without a couple of drinks. Zac Harmon does the blues thang as well as the next guy, and for this you may as well grace him with your presence. Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Harmon benefited from the close proximity of the Farish Street blues scene, where he played ax in a number of bands. In the '80s, he headed to L.A., where he worked as a studio musician and on movie scores, and now Harmon's paid his dues and has acquired a solid swinging rhythm section, along with some complementary strains of harp and keyboard. The result: a cool-flavored stew well worth keeping down.


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