10 Imaginary Things Arizonans Believe In

From the state's own Bigfoot to blood-sucking monsters to a lady who snatches up children, Arizona is a hotbed for strange notions. Here are 10 of our favorite imaginary things that Arizonans believe in:

10.) Jackalope

No, there's not really a horned rabbit running around the desert.

9.) The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

Several people have actually died looking for this stash of gold supposedly hidden in the Superstition Mountains. Since the story of this mine has been around for nearly 150 years, you'd think someone would have found it by now.

8.) The Curse of Petrified Wood

People apparently think the petrified wood from the Petrified Forest National Park is cursed. So much so that a park ranger there has collected a binder full of letters from people who have admitted to stealing rocks from the park, and sent them back to get rid of the curse.

7.) Skin-Walkers

Skin-walkers, people who can transform themselves into animals, have roots in Navajo lore.

6.) Thunderbird

It seems hard to believe that anyone would still believe in the existence of a bird that looks like a pterodactyl. However, a Google search shows people reporting spotting thunderbirds in Arizona.

5.) Ghosts

There are too many ghost stories in Arizona to count. A couple of the most notable alleged homes to ghosts are Phoenix's Hotel San Carlos, and the Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome.

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