10 Memes Posted by I-10 Shootings Suspect That Right-Wing Arizonans Will Love

**Update 10/1/15: Leslie Allen Merritt jr. entered a plea of not guilty.

Just days after the Arizona Department of Public Safety removed those panic-inducing I-10 shootings tip-line signs from highways, Leslie Allen Merritt Jr., the 21-year-old suspect in the violent spree, will enter an official plea at his arraignment hearing this morning. 

He's claimed innocence in the past, telling a judge: "I'm the wrong guy." But the DPS says it has forensic evidence linking him to at least four of the 11 incidents.

Though whether he's convicted in the mayhem remains to be seen — many in social media were quick to point out that he's just a suspect after Governor Doug Ducey immediately labeled him more than that  — one thing's certain: Merritt's a classic, right-wing Arizonan.  

Before his Facebook page was deactivated, he was an avid poster of memes. Guns, liberty, beer, more guns — you name it, Merritt put it up. 

Here are 10 good ones: 10. In Arizona, we only follow constitutional laws. (Or the state ones that say we don't have to listen to federal laws.)

9. Requisite offensive meme about Mexicans

8. Pork, ham, bacon, and Islamophobia — all part of a complete Copper State breakfast?

7. Ever heard of Sheriff Joe?

6. Requisite Founding Fathers meme.

5. Trump's the best to AZ conservatives, except when he's not.

4. The ultimate #TBT.

3. America, yo! (Kids still recite this in AZ public schools, duh.)

2. ***you're

1. Literally anything becomes fact if you put in a meme — 'MURIKKAH!

***Bonus meme: Seriously? What is this? (Other than amazing!)

Also this: 
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