10 Most Bogus "Death Threats" Against Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after attempting to walk to lunch one day.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after attempting to walk to lunch one day.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio seems to have an obsession with trying to get the public to believe that his life is in constant danger.

And no matter how many times Arpaio cries wolf about the latest "death threat," there never seems to be any intent of legitimate harm against the elderly, publicity-hungry sheriff. Check out 10 of the most bogus death threats Arpaio has cried about:

10.) That Time Arpaio Almost Got Blown to Chunks

After postal inspectors found a package with powder, wires, and a battery addressed to Arpaio, his chief deputy explained -- without any hint of evidence -- that it's "very much like cartels" to do something like this. The deputy referred to this as "an actual explosive device," which all sounded oh-so-credible when he explained, "I'm not making this up." Arpaio explained that his "good sources" indicated a cartel connection. We're more inclined to believe our source, who called it "not a very sophisticated device" and said it's not clear whether any explosion would have occurred at all.

9.) All Those Times Anthrax Got Sent to His Office

Back in the day, it seemed as though someone who worked at the White Powder factory just sent letters to Arpaio's office every day. Wouldn't ya know? After all those letters, not a single one had anthrax. Seriously -- zero. However, Arpaio would order up the press release every time and assess blame for the letters as he saw fit.

8.) That Time That Guy Said That Thing on the Internet

Once upon a time, some guy posted on Facebook, "He should see the color of his skin and where he comes from . . . stupid motherfucker . . . let's kill him. I will kill him for free. I am going to Arizona to kill that asshole." MCSO "investigators" stumbled across this on the "People Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio" Facebook page. The guy was charged with a misdemeanor, a testament to how serious his threat was.

7.) That Time That Guy Said That More Harmless Thing on the Internet

Just last month, a man voiced his urge to blow Arpaio's head clean off. Not that he's going to -- he just wants to. "I want to personally blow Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's head off," the man posted on Twitter. Clearly, Arpaio's life was in imminent danger after a guy in California posted that tweet. Arpaio's press release claimed deputies were off to California to look for the man, but they apparently didn't search too hard, since they never arrested the guy.

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