10 Phoenix Ladies You've Probably Dated

10 Phoenix Ladies You've Probably Dated
Ryan Abel via Flickr

In case you haven't noticed, there are certain types of ladies you'll locate on the dating scene around Phoenix.

The ladies you'll find in an Old Town Scottsdale bar are definitely of a distinct species -- as are the ones you'll find downtown during the artsy-fartsy festivals. So, we have a field guide for you all -- 10 Phoenix ladies you've probably dated:

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10.) The Californian

10 Phoenix Ladies You've Probably Dated

Oh, you think California is the best state ever? We missed the first 10,000 times you told us how much you think Arizona sucks, despite the fact you're still here. These ladies come from anywhere between San Diego and the Bay Area, and they manage to live up to every stereotype you expect, like, omigod.

Many of these ladies came here as Arizona State University students who decided on ASU because of "the experience." (She'll leave out the part about not getting accepted into any of the California universities.)

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