10 Types of Arizona Democrats

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
Robert Huffstutter via Flickr

If there were a field guide to spotting members of a political party, the Arizona Democrat would be listed as a "rare bird."

Still, there are some identifiable types of Democrats from here, as observed in their natural habitats. Check out our run-down of 10 types of Arizona Dems:

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10.) The Pot-Smokin' Hippie

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
Joseph Adams via Flickr


  • Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that.
  • "Dude . . ."
  • Patchouli scent.

9.) The Anti-Republican

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
themastershakesignal via Flickr


  • Political beliefs consist of, "Republicans suck."
  • Does not appear to have own beliefs.
  • Doesn't seem concerned about issues, just how stupid Republicans are.

8.) The Socialist

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
Gigi Ibrahim via Flickr


  • Most sentences start with, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could all . . ."
  • No sarcasm can be detected when they call President Obama "center-right."
  • Is actually down with sharing.

7.) The Hipster

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
istolethetv via Flickr


  • Wears short-shorts, but swears it's the Republicans who are uncool.
  • Is the Democratic equivalent of the frat boy.
  • Was pulling for Hillary in '08.

6.) The Pro-Immigrant

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
longislandwins via Flickr


  • The most common one-issue Democrat around here.
  • Could probably pass for Republican, if not for resistance to local immigrant-haters.
  • Not always undocumented immigrants, despite belief of local immigrant-haters.

5.) The Party Parrot

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
Steve Bott via Flickr


  • Speaks like a script to an MSNBC show.
  • Actually does repeat lines from MSNBC shows.
  • Still blames everything on George W. Bush.

4.) The Republican

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
Sue Peacock via Flickr


  • After being exposed to hardcore teabaggers, now assumes he or she is a Democrat.
  • As the name implies, this person identifies with more Republican ideals.
  • May call self a "moderate Democrat."

3.) The Occupier

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
David Shankbone via Flickr


  • Tries to prove points by sleeping in public.
  • Does not know the points he or she is trying to prove.
  • "Mic check."

2.) The Prius Driver

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
herry via Flickr


  • Also known as the pseudo-environmentalist.
  • Is "green," in the sense that "green" is a fashion statement to keep up with the Joneses.
  • Probably tosses cigarette butts out of the window of that Prius.

1.) The Non-Existent

10 Types of Arizona Democrats
Wouter via Flickr


  • Most common type of Arizona Democrat.

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