10 Ways to Get Shot by Police

10 Ways to Get Shot by Police
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An incident involving a man who threatened Phoenix police with AK-47-style airsoft gun this weekend is a perfect reminder that it's incredibly easy to avoid being shot by police officers, for the most part.

However, there are many things you can do that may prompt police to shoot you, as New Times has documented over the years. Check out our list of 10 ways we've seen people get shot by cops around the Valley:

10.) Point a Gun at a Cop

This is the obvious and most-used method. If you're going to point a gun at a police officer, for any reason at all, really, you should expect to be mowed down, regardless of whether you pull the trigger. It also doesn't matter whether the gun's real, because arguing that you were just holding a BB gun won't keep you alive.

9.) Point a Knife at a Cop

Though a knife doesn't shoot projectiles, you should be well aware that police will see it as a deadly weapon. A Phoenix woman found this one out the hard way last year after she called police to deal with her ex-boyfriend, but she turned the knife on an officer when she was told to drop it.

8.) Confuse a Cop

This one's kind of out of your control, but in 2008, an armed man broke into a Phoenix home, while an entire family was there. The homeowner, Tony Arambula, grabbed his own gun and cornered the gunman in his son's bedroom, holding him at gunpoint. Police arrived, and six-year veteran Officer Brian Lilly accidentally shot the homeowner. Arambula, survived, despite being shot six times.

7.) Shoot a Police Dog

Just last month, 20-year-old Jourdan Akili Wagner was cornered in a Glendale backyard by a police dog after attempting to outrun police. When the dog came at him, Wagner pulled a gun and shot the dog, a Belgian Shepherd Malinois named Ronin. The dog's human partner, Officer Wes Zygmont, exchanged gunfire with Wagner. Officer Zygmont survived, but Ronin and Wagner did not.

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