10 World Records Set in Arizona

10 World Records Set in Arizona

You'd probably never guess which world records were set in Arizona.

From the interesting, to the cool, to the just plain weird, we bring you our picks of 10 world records set in Arizona, as verified by Guinness World Records:

10.) Longest-Running TV Commercial

Discount Tire, a Scottsdale-based company, has been showing that commercial of the old lady tossing a tire through the store window since 1975.

9.) Longest Basketball Shot

Spoiler alert: The Harlem Globetrotters are based out of Phoenix. One of their players, Thunder Law, hit that shot at U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix back in November.

8.) Largest Gathering of Major Telescopes

10 World Records Set in Arizona
Jeremy Keith via Wikimedia Commons

Kitt Peak National Observatory, in southern Arizona, has 24 telescopes, some of which are used for nighttime viewing, infrared astronomy, and daytime study of the sun.

7.) Largest Shaving-Cream Pie Fight

10 World Records Set in Arizona
Dolovis via Wikimedia commons

The Three Stooges? How about 815 people in on a pie fight. That fight took place at the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler in September, as part of a fundraising effort.

6.) Most Pine Boards Broken in Free-Fall

In other words, "most karate performed after jumping out of an airplane." According to Guinness, Ernie Torries, a first-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, broke 12 boards while skydiving in Eloy.

5.) Most Tattoos by a Single Person in 24 Hours

This is the 801st tattoo, which Cantrell gave to himself.
This is the 801st tattoo, which Cantrell gave to himself.
Jonathan McNamara

Hollis Cantrell, of Artistic Tattoo in Phoenix, doled out 801 "AZ" tattoos on November 16, 2008.

4.) Most Mariachis Performing Simultaneously

Not a photo of the world record.
Not a photo of the world record.
Gerardo Gonzalez via Wikimedia Commons

This record was set with 555 people at an international mariachi conference in Tucson in 2010.

3.) Smallest Piloted Aircraft

Robert Starr, of Tempe, holds this record, with his plane, the "Bumble Bee Two." It was less than 9 feet long, with a wingspan of 5 1/2 feet, and weighed less than 400 pounds empty. The plane was destroyed in a crash in 1988, but the original "Bumble Bee" is

on display

at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson.

2.) Largest Private Collection of Lego Sets

As of three years ago, Kyle Ugone, of Yuma, had nearly 1,100 Lego sets, according to Guinness.

1.) Longest Wall of Fire

Surprisingly, this record is not held by the asphalt streets of Phoenix. Instead, an actual wall of flames more than 10,000 feet long was created as part of an airshow demonstration at the Yuma Air Show in 2009.

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