10 World Records Set in Arizona

A lot of wild stuff is done in Arizona, some of it on a very large scale..

From the interesting to the cool to the just plain weird, we bring you our favorite 10 world records set here, as verified by the Guinness book:

10. Longest-Running TV Commercial

Discount Tire, a Scottsdale-based company, has been showing the commercial of the old lady tossing a tire through the store window since 1975.

9. Longest Basketball Shot

Spoiler alert: The Harlem Globetrotters are based in Phoenix. GT player Thunder Law hit the shot at what was then U.S. Airways Center in November 2013, only to have the record broken by Elan Buller in Oak Park, California, in September 2014.

8. Largest Gathering of Major Telescopes

10 World Records Set in Arizona
Jeremy Keith via Wikimedia Commons

Kitt Peak National Observatory, in southern Arizona, has 24 telescopes, some of which are used for nighttime viewing, infrared astronomy, and daytime study of the sun.

7. Largest Shaving-Cream Pie Fight

10 World Records Set in Arizona
Dolovis via Wikimedia commons

The Three Stooges? How about 815 people in on a pie fight, which took place at the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler in September 2013 as part of a fundraising effort. Holder of the current record is Belfast Community Circus School in the UK, which brought together 869 tossers.

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