10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year
Photo by Benjamin Leatherman

While most ASU parties go down without a hitch, there have been some undeniably bad ASU party moments that have landed the party scene in the news on several occasions.

Check out the 10 worst ASU party moments of the last year (hint: spilled beer doesn't even come close to making the list):

10.) Keg baby

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year

After ASU was pretty much off the party-scene radar late last year, this photo popped up, getting national attention. Police were taking the photo seriously, saying that officers wanted to question the people in the picture.

9.) Shots for Joe

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year
David Reyes via Twitter

Self-proclaimed tough-guy Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he was going after the ASU party-scene one recent weekend. The elderly sheriff was just mocked endlessly, as students posted pictures on social media of themselves slamming alcohol, with the title "Shots for Joe."

8.) Everclear plus bonfire

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year
A. Davey via Flickr

Earlier this year, fraternity brother Andrew Kent allegedly tossed a bottle of Everclear into a bonfire at a party with more than 100 attendees. Police said the flaming alcohol landed on two girls, burning an 18-year-old student, and a 17-year-old prospective student.

7.) Shots fired

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year

Earlier this year, five ASU students were hospitalized after a brawl broke out at a Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity party, police said. In an apparent argument over a girl, a group of non-students showed up to the party with weapons, including baseball bats and a gun, which was fired in the air.

6.) Elevator beating

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year

This semester, a student was brutally beaten after getting trapped in an elevator by three alleged members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, police say. The victim's jaw had to be wired shut, and the three students allegedly involved in the beating were arrested.

5.) Tequila-drinking contest

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year
Prayitno via Flickr

Earlier this year, a 20-year-old tudent in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was dumped at a hospital by his "friends" after a tequila-drinking contest, which nearly killed the student, who had a .47 blood-alcohol level. The dropped him off in a wheelchair at the hospital, with a sticky-note stuck to him. He was "turning blue" while being treated at the hospital, according to police, but he survived.

4.) Frat expelled

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year

This summer, the University expelled the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity from campus, for a variety of incidents, including the student being hospitalized from the tequila-drinking contest, and another pledge actually dying.

3.) The most out-of-control frat in America

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year

About that just-mentioned frat, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Rolling Stone magazine named the group the "most out-of-control" frat in the United States of America, for the incidents were just mentioned.

2.) 1,800 arrests

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year
Victor Casale via Flickr

In an attempt to crack down on the partying in Tempe, a task force led by the Tempe Police Department arrested around 1,800 people in four weekends, many of them for people under 21 drinking alcohol, which made for a terrible party-time for a lot of people.

1.) Death of a pledge

10 Worst ASU Party Moments of the Year

Although several of the incidents we've mentioned on this list could have been deadly, partying did turn out to be deadly for ASU freshman Jack Culolias, who was a pledge in the "most out-of-control" frat in America last year. Culolias was at a fraternity event at Tempe Marketplace when Culolias, who was underage, eventually got kicked out of a bar, and wandered away from the shopping center. He was found dead in a nearby river, two weeks later. Police did not suspect foul play.

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