10 Worst Local Media Moments of 2013

10 Worst Local Media Moments of 2013

News production isn't a perfect science, as evidenced by some of our fellow Fourth Estate-ers of Phoenix.

From an accidental C-bomb, to racial insensitivity, to slow news days, to a guy who's just makin' it up, and more, we bring you the 10 worst local media moments of 2013:

10.) Breaking News: Phoenix Is Hot in the Summer

10 Worst Local Media Moments of 2013

It always seems that for one day every year, there's a local media conspiracy to make the temperature the lead story of the day. This year, CBS 5 contributed with hot-weather tips, such as water from garden hoses can be hot. 12 News showed a live broadcast of ice melting, while Fox 10 used flames to illustrate the weather forecast, and 3TV attempted to cook an entire breakfast on the street. Full-blown media conspiracy.

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