A Drop in the Bucket: Border Agents Find Nearly 300 Pounds of Weed in Truck at Highway Checkpoint

Another day, another several-hundred pounds of weed discovered near the U.S./ Mexico border.

Border agents near Tucson stopped a truck at a checkpoint on Arizona Highway 86 earlier this week and found nearly 300 pounds of weed hidden in a compartment.

Arizona Highway 86 runs parallel with the U.S. Mexico border mostly through Pima County before hooking up with I-19 in Tucson.

The truck rolled into the checkpoint, where Border Patrol canine alerted agents that something was amiss.

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The agents searched the truck further and found a secret compartment packed with weed.

Authorities say the herb has an estimated street value of $230,000.

The driver of the truck was detained. The weed and the truck were seized by border agents.  

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