A Letter from a Juror in the Mix Trial

Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick:
I really resent being called stupid and insensitive for my service as a juror on the Martin Mix case. I would like to point out that just because the evidence indicated there had been sexual intercourse between the parties does not always mean the conclusion should be rape.

Furthermore, we were told to find the defendant not guilty if there was any question of reasonable doubt in our minds.

I think the prosecution is more to blame for not clearing up the doubt in our minds as jurors. I realize Martin Mix was no Boy Scout, but the system is set up so that an accused man is considered innocent unless some reasonable doubt is removed. I feel very sorry for Susan Shirie that the whole incident happened, but I don't consider myself stupid and insensitive for following the rules of the system.

As for the representation of Mix by the "most skilled criminal defense attorney," the verdict did not depend so much on what he did or said but what the prosecution failed to make clear.

Bonnie M. Simpson


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