Adhesive Artists: Sticker Phiends at Hoodride Bodega

Adhesive Artists: Sticker Phiends at Hoodride Bodega

By Jonathan McNamara

Artists from around the world and around the block are represented by a few walls full of adhesive art at Hoodride Bodega's "Sticker Phiends" show. Some of the pieces are actual printed stickers like the kind you use to peel off paper backs and slap on your Trapper Keeper. Other pieces are hand-drawn on mailing labels and other adhesive-backed packaging.

Want a sneak peak of the art you'll see if you head out to Hoodride Bodega? Check out our slide show Sticker Phiends at Hoodride Bodega.

For more information about the event, read Sticker Shock by Jose Gonzalez

What's next for Hoodride Bodega? Derrick Pacheco, the gallery owner, says he's working on getting a show together for painted suitcases. After that? Stay tuned for a classic video game console show.

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