Al Gore "Green-iacs" Set Up Shop in Valley; Take Aim at John McCain

Arizona Senator John McCain is the new target of the "green" movement, so much so that Repower America, an offshoot of Al Gore's Alliance For Climate Protection, has opened an office right here in Phoenix.

Operating out of a rented house, Repower Arizona, as this faction is called, claims to be a non-partisan organization "commited to educating the global community about the urgency of implementing comprehensive solutions to the climate crisis."

Or, as South Park fans everywhere refer to it; defeating "Manbearpig."

The group's main goal: Convincing McCain to support the American Clean Energy and Security Act, or Cap and Trade.

The bill would define a cap to the amount of pollutants a company is permitted to emit each year, and if a company thinks it will exceed the cap, it can buy what are essentially pollution points from companies that don't expect to reach it.

The group sees McCain as a Republican senator they can persuade to jump on board the seemingly liberal piece of legislation, which has already passed the House, and is heading to the Senate.

A "green" group with an actual agenda; call us crazy, but there is something suspiciously un-obnoxious about these guys, despite the Al Gore connection.


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