Alleged Phoenix Pimp Keeps Pimp Hand Strong by Throwing Cheeseburger at Prostitute

They say pimpin' aint easy. Sometimes it's so hard that a pimp is forced to take drastic measures to keep his pimp hand strong -- like throwing a McDonald's cheeseburger at a prostitute because his milkshake wasn't included with his order.

Seems (ahem) rational.

That's what ultimately led to the arrest of an alleged Phoenix pimp, who apparently went off the deep end yesterday after ordering food from a Phoenix McDonald's.

Brian Greely, a 32-year-old alleged pimp, was arrested at an apartment complex near Beardsley Road and 27th Avenue yesterday following an incident at a nearby McDonald's.

Greely and a 22-year-old woman, who admitted to turning tricks at Greely's command, ordered food at a McDonald's.

When the two got their orders, Greely realized the person at the drive-thru had forgotten his milkshake.

He wasn't happy about it.

Greely and the woman began arguing about the milkshake -- despite the woman having nothing to do with the McDonald's employee's mistake.

The argument came to an end when Greely threw a cheeseburger at the woman, before dropping her off at a gas station near Bell Road and 17th Avenue.

The woman called the cops and told them about the incident, and about how she came to meet Greely.

The woman told police she and Greely started out dating but the relationship quickly changed when he posted nude photos of her on the Internet and convinced her to have sex with other people for money. She told officers she felt threatened by him.

Greely's been charged with pandering and other prostitution-related charges. He was taken to the Fourth Avenue Jail last night. Phoenix police are continuing their investigation.

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