And the Award for Tweet of the Year Goes To...the Arizona DOT, for 'Archie Bunker's Chair'!

The Arizona Department of Transportation has 138,000 loyal followers on Twitter. Mostly, they provide, y'know, news about street closures and traffic alerts.

But, boy howdy, this past Wednesday at 5:44 p.m., all who were paying attention were rewarded after a La-Z-Boy fell off...something, and came to rest in the middle of southbound Route 101 near Indian School Road:

Now, eagle-eyed fans of All in the Family may quibble that Archie didn't park his fanny in a La-Z-Boy (his seat of choice being a tattered, upright armchair — but really, when we think of all the ways bureaucracies spend our money, can we complain?

So, follow the Arizona DOT on Twitter via @ArizonaDOT  —and youse always remember and don't ever forget.

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