A guy who cannot practice law in the State of Arizona.
A guy who cannot practice law in the State of Arizona.

Andrew Thomas Is Pretty Much Toast -- Is Joe Arpaio Next?

In case you're just now emerging from under a rock, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas was disbarred yesterday.

An Arizona State Supreme Court disciplinary panel found that Thomas -- as well as his former deputy, Lisa Aubuchon -- were attempting prosecutions in the name of politics.

Thomas and his comrades can appeal the decision, but barring that, Thomas is without a law license for the next five years.

But what about Thomas' former brother-in-arms, Maricopa County Sheriff' Joe Arpaio?

As our colleague Ray Stern wrote yesterday, "Justice could still take place for Arpaio in the form of a criminal indictment from the U.S. Department of Justice, which for more than three years has been looking at alleged civil rights violations by Arpaio that include the claims of abuse-of-power addressed today in regard to Thomas."

You better bet Arpaio's mentioned by name in the Supreme Court disciplinary panel's opinion released yesterday -- 48 times.

Not that a disciplinary panel for attorneys could actually do anything to Arpaio, but there are other avenues.

Two of the ways Arpaio could be sent packing could be by a certain outcome of a potential criminal indictment from the Justice Department, or he could get a voter-approved boot from office.

This morning's question: Now that Andrew Thomas is toast, is Arpaio going to be the next one to face the facts?

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