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    Sham On You! - A snake's-eye view of high-pressure phoner baloney

    Earn "big bucks" . . . work in "a nice air-conditioned office" . . . "have fun" selling photocopier supplies over the phone. Little wonder that a certain central Phoenix telemarketing firm promised new employees that they were about to embark on "...

    by Dewey Webb on July 12, 1989
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    Vid Stuff

    It's a million and ten degrees in the shade and you've warned your kids that if they don't behave, you're sending them outside until they're medium to well-done. So they mill around the house, expecting you to entertain them. Here's what you do...

    by Michael Burkett on July 12, 1989
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    Toxic Waste Is A Terrible Thing To Mind

    There's no question that Phoenix sewage plants are dumping toxic materials into the Salt River, at least on occasion. But city officials don't want to spend the money to install the equipment for a problem they contend occurs only rarely. Inst...

    by Howard Fischer on July 12, 1989
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    When Push Comes To Pools - Feds want mandatory fences; city doesn't

    Phoenix is in the clutches of the worst epidemic of backyard drownings since recordkeeping began, but even that's not enough, apparently, to overcome City Hall's reluctance to adopt mandatory safety regulations. In fact, anti-regulatory sentim...

    by Kathleen Stanton on July 12, 1989
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    State Casts Shadow On Bright ASU Project

    Last winter, a handful of Arizona State University engineering undergrads and a couple of professors slaved for weeks on a proposal for a solar-powered dream machine they named the "Sundevil Suncruiser." When the ASU team beat out doze...

    by Terry Greene on July 12, 1989
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    Peg Millett: Jail Is Temporary, Her Cause Isn't

    We sat on the stone steps outside the Durango women's jail. It was late afternoon. Mike Black, the attorney, kept looking through his briefcase. Lawyers always make themselves look busy. The sun was coming at us from an angle and the s...

    by Tom Fitzpatrick on July 12, 1989
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    Christina Doesn't Care That I Hate B&B's

    We were driving Route 101 south along the Oregon coast. A light rain was falling on the windshield of the rented car. It is an area where the only radio station you can get is National Public Radio. We'd spent the first night in a Po...

    by Tom Fitzpatrick on July 12, 1989
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    They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

    Here are thirty reasons Charles Keating deserves to be drawn and quartered at a public ceremony in Patriots Square. 1) Keating's Lincoln Savings and Loan failure will be the largest bailout in history. 2) In order to clear up the mess K...

    by Tom Fitzpatrick on July 12, 1989
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    An Officer and a Killer - Ralph Lawrence was headed for disaster. His fellow cops knew it. His final victim didn't.

    Lawman Ralph Andrew Lawrence was primed to kill on that spring evening in 1986. In his mind, his enemies had conspired to ruin him--starting with waitress Sharma Bethel, an ex-girlfriend from the southeastern Arizona town of Willcox. L...

    by Paul Rubin on July 5, 1989
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    The Cat 'N' the Hats

    Smile, Brendel! Luckily, the photographer who snapped this shot just happened to be wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, an ensemble that never fails to elicit an impressive display of this Siberian tiger's dazzling dentistry. "She'...

    on July 5, 1989
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    Planning? What Planning? - Phoenix decides to plunder its $18 million in bond money earmarked for neighborhood freeway damage

    Looks as though the honeymoon is over between Phoenix politicians and the citizens who helped them win last year's hugely successful bond election. The love affair ended with the Phoenix City Council's rejection last week of a citizen-backed ...

    by Kathleen Stanton on July 5, 1989
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    Married to a Mob

    You can't help it. Chat with Valley moms Susan Fitzgerald and Lori Drinkard, and all you can think is, "There but for the grace of the fertility gods go I." As you may have noticed, I spend a lot of time bellyaching about the difficult...

    by Michael Burkett on July 5, 1989
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    Does Phoenix Need Ten Council Districts? How About Twelve?

    The way Bill Parks sees it, if eight is good then ten must be better. The councilmember who represents northeast Phoenix is overwhelmed by the growth of his district since the district system was first enacted a decade ago. His territor...

    by Howard Fischer on July 5, 1989
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    High School Confidential

    With 800 people about to be laid off at Salt River Project, Marlene Dibble of Gilbert is updating her resume. She enjoys her work as a customer service representative who negotiates the electric needs of small businesses, but Marlene is afrai...

    by Michael Lacey on July 5, 1989
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    Urban Stress Kills Canyon's Cottonwoods

    Tens of thousands of raw-footed hikers who've trudged into the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch know what a relief it is to finally collapse in the shade of the famous campground's giant cottonwood trees. Until last fall, though, no one realiz...

    by Terry Greene on June 28, 1989
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    Another Shove From The Right

    The battle over fundamentalism in Valley schools has claimed another casualty with the forced resignation of a Phoenix principal who spoke out against ultraconservative pressure on his school. New Times has learned that Richard Boyer, a 31-yea...

    by Kathleen Stanton on June 28, 1989
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    Smugglers' Paradise - Guess who's winning the drug war in Cochise County?

    When Fat Albert is working, he floats on a tether 10,000 feet above the border. But he's more of a buffoon than a balloon. A few months ago, a Sierra Vista cop was driving over the San Pedro River on Arizona 90 when he saw a low-flying airplane...

    by Paul Rubin on June 28, 1989
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    See Burt Run - But is he going anywhere?

    Burt Kruglick is a good learner. During the 1986 gubernatorial primary, the state GOP chief blasted Evan Mecham for negative campaigning in the primary against Burton Barr. But Mecham won handily with his mudslinging campaign that attacked spec...

    by Howard Fischer on June 28, 1989
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    It Isn't Malpractice, It's Just Politics

    The doctors who control the Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona are more than willing to compromise--but only when they get their own way. And their antics during the latest session of the legislature show they know how to use their friends to do...

    by Howard Fischer on June 28, 1989
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    Tick... Tick... Tick

    One minute is such a relative length of time. For example: Stick a frozen turkey in the microwave, hit the high button, and sixty seconds later you'll still have a frozen turkey. Do the same thing to, oh, a live frog, and you'll alter its mol...

    by Michael Burkett on June 28, 1989
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