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    Screening For Molesters

    Screening for pedophiles is nearly impossible because they often appear to be psychologically healthy people, experts say. As a result, they've cropped up not only in the Diocese of Phoenix, but in churches of all denominations, Indian reserv...

    by Terry Greene on October 25, 1989
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    Cheap Shots 10-25-1989

    A VALLEY NATIONAL BANK executive recently called his company a "sleeping giant." Hell, it's practically comatose after last week's frightening stock plunge onto Wall Street. Looks like VNB CEO JIM SIMMONS, one of the last surviving good ol' b...

    by Ward Harkavy on October 25, 1989
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    Masked Marvels

    This Halloween, my son is demanding to be outfitted like his favorite two-bit Japanese creature-feature star, Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster, and his expectations are high. I'm sure he thinks he'll be able to climb into the thing, fly off, ...

    by Michael Burkett on October 25, 1989
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    Sure, Mary Jo, Sure

    Mary Jo West kidnaped? . . . Yeah, right. After the first reports of the alleged abduction, the buzz on the street was that Mary Jo faked the crime. First of all, she was snatched after leaving a stress-reduction workshop. Didn't that te...

    by Michael Lacey on October 25, 1989
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    John McCain's "Checkers" Speech

    It was the kind of press conference reporters show up for even when they're not working. They put on their best suits and get their shoes shined. They make sure they have fresh batteries in their tape recorders. Senator John McCain had ...

    by Tom Fitzpatrick on October 25, 1989
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    A Bitter Courtship - Jumpin' Joe Caldwell's love affair with basketball ended long ago in pain. And he's still not over it.

    The long, lean black man takes a break from tinkering with a car beneath the South Phoenix sun. Drenched with sweat, he falls onto a tattered couch under a paloverde tree. "I remember sitting under a shade tree as a kid watching my dad...

    by Paul Rubin on October 4, 1989
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    Concreto Y Sol Y Sombra - The Buildings of ASU

    There's a story about the late Gilbert Cady, ASU's long-time finance wizard, that helps explain why the campus looks the way it does today. Rudy Turk, director of the University Art Museum, tells it: "Gilbert was a delightful guy, but h...

    by Lawrence W. Cheek on October 4, 1989
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    They Came, They Saw, They Evicted - Are you in the path of urban renewal? That could be too bad.

    Motorola office worker Betty Piott figured that, at age 54, she had her life pretty well settled. She had a steady income. She had a house on South 16th Street near Broadway Road that was hers, free and clear. She lived there with her ...

    by Howard Fischer on October 4, 1989
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    Hey, Jude! - Chicago radio jock takes a sad song about Jude LaCava's "Love Nest" and makes it better. Much better.

    Jude LaCava? He's the new sports-talk host on KTAR. He moved here from Ohio. Jonathon Brandmeier? He's the morning-drive jock on WLUP in Chicago, a former radio star in Phoenix and arguably the hottest radio personality in the country....

    by Dave Walker on October 4, 1989
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    Cheap Shots 10-04-1989

    Please, somebody, make our sportscasters stick to reading scores. Please. On Sunday night, CHANNEL 12 sportsmouth BILL DENNEY hosted a so-called "debate" on the PROP ONE stadium issue, and he couldn't even get the intros right. He turned to s...

    by Ward Harkavy on October 4, 1989
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    Sit On It

    There are two ways to search for a good, reliable baby sitter. One. You can run a help-wanted ad, interview dozens of prospects, and discover you wouldn't trust any of 'em with your ant farm, let alone your kids. But you'll hire the one you ...

    by Michael Burkett on October 4, 1989
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    Who Killed This Internal Police Probe? The Bosses.

    The FBI has opened an investigation into the campaign of terror waged from the state police headquarters against Leon Woodward. Although a spokesman for the FBI refused to provide details, agent Gary Wildebrandt interviewed Woodward and his w...

    by Michael Lacey on October 4, 1989
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    I Got Paid For Going To Chicago - This makes me a Cub reporter, right?

    August and most of September came and went, leaving the Cubs in first place for the homestretch. But following the games from my Phoenix base had become utterly unfulfilling, due partly to my self-disgust for being a mere cable Cub fan and due als...

    by Cap'n Dave on September 27, 1989
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    The City We Should Have

    Some people never abandon hope that Phoenix could truly be a wonderful city. Like us. We hang on, even faced with a Phoenix City Council election where a few pathetic candidates contemplate nothing more significant than their hangnails. Come ...

    by Terry Greene on September 27, 1989
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    Phoenix Needs A "Big C" Cure

    Look like cancer x-rays, don't they? Look closer. They're really pictures of how Phoenix has grown since 1940. But as Ed Abbey used to say, "Growth is the ideology of the cancer cell." Phoenix now spreads out over 420 square miles--the...

    by Jana Bommersbach on September 27, 1989
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    YES on Prop 2, to authorize $15 million in bonds for historic preservation, including $5 million to buy the Tovrea Castle. Also, YES on the companion Prop 103 to give the city the authority to acquire and maintain historic and culturally significant ...

    on September 27, 1989
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    Attack Of The Street People

    Look no further than these photos for evidence of why the next city council should apply thumbscrews to anybody who opposes more protection for neighborhoods in the path of street-widening projects. Hardest hit are the central Phoenix neighbo...

    on September 27, 1989
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    We Want Big Blue

    Among the first things the new city council should do--right away--is decree the blue palo verde as Phoenix's offical tree. And then, the council should require the big blue in all official city landscaping and should encourage citizens to pl...

    by Dave Walker on September 27, 1989
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    Throw Momma From The Maglev

    It's cool here in Phoenix in the spring of 1999, and one of the coolest things of all is the city's Maglev transit system. Unlike the old noisy, cumbersome, ValTrans proposal that savvy voters rejected with a laugh way back in the Eighties, t...

    by Robert X. Planet on September 27, 1989
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    Help Our Schools!

    Bad schools are a sure way to drive families out of the city. And every available statistic says the city's social problems--economic instability, drugs, unaffordable housing--are on a collision course with its educational system. Student turnover ra...

    by Kathleen Stanton on September 27, 1989
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