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    Cheap Shots

    What do you do if the big boys won't put your TV channel on cable and you're limited to a low-power antenna on South Mountain? You try to get your hands on a real TV station. That's what BILL SAURO, president of KUSK in Prescott (CHANNEL 27 in Phoeni...

    by Ward Harkavy on June 14, 1989
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    Party Animal

    Here--in all their pure, unexpurgated horror--are the three ugliest words you can hear after you've accepted a dinner-party invitation: "Grandma can't baby-sit." If just reading that sentence didn't soak your shorts in cold swea...

    by Michael Burkett on June 14, 1989
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    Dave Foreman: "We Weren't Interested In Creating Outdoor Gymnasiums For Suburban Yuppies"

    Dave Foreman took a short sip from a bottle of Pacifico. He wore walking shorts. Foreman stands better than six feet, much taller than he seemed a week before in a baggy blue jail uniform. It was late Saturday afternoon and Foreman was wait...

    by Tom Fitzpatrick on June 14, 1989
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    The Worst Of Times

    Here's how stupid Phoenix looked in the worldwide broadcast of the Grand Prix by ESPN. After commercial breaks, the sports network used a cartoon logo of the Phoenix skyline. A howling cartoon coyote was identified by the broadcasting boob as ...

    by Michael Lacey on June 14, 1989
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    That Goes On Behind Closed Doors? - Bob Gosnell needs his space... And City Hall needs to do some explaining

    There were great sighs of relief at City Hall Monday. Now we can get this damn thing off our backs was the prevailing sentiment in the offices of Mayor Terry Goddard and Councilwoman Linda Sue Nadolski. For months, the two had been fighting off charg...

    by Jana Bommersbach on June 7, 1989
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    Firefighter Paralyzed

    A Phoenix firefighter lies paralyzed from the waist down following a bizarre Memorial Day incident at a local hospital in which he fell and hit his head after he was given a painkilling injection. According to accounts by friends and fellow...

    by Paul Rubin on June 7, 1989
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    Who Put This Pigskin In The Pork Barrel?

    There's nothing like the smell of pigskin to make Arizona politicos jump. State and city officials jumped through hoops for years as various NFL teams teased the Valley with the possibility of professional football. Nor were they deterr...

    by Howard Fischer on June 7, 1989
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    Business Was Booming - A worker describes life inside Chuck Byers' munitions plants

    The munitions-plant explosion west of Buckeye last week that decapitated one man and injured two others came as no surprise to Sandy Coe-Davis. Three years ago, her husband Steve's face was nearly blown off in a similar accident at a plant own...

    by Kathleen Stanton on June 7, 1989
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    The Earth First!

    All four prisoners shuffled into the courtroom as though headed for the scaffold. They were handcuffed. They wore the baggy blue jail uniforms that make everyone appear guilty until proven innocent. None of the four could manage a smile. Th...

    by Tom Fitzpatrick on June 7, 1989
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    Gender Bender

    I don't know why so many pregnant folks race to the nearest ultrasound machine the second their fetus is old enough to announce its gender. As far as I'm concerned, not knowing exactly what you're getting is half the fun of pre-parenting. (The oth...

    by Michael Burkett on June 7, 1989
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    I Got My Mojo Talkin' - And here's what he says about San Diego

    Mojo Nixon, currently, is God. He's got a new record out that includes such bitchin' songs as "Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Chile," he's got a couple of videos on MTV, he's got a major part in the new movie about Jerry Lee Lew...

    by Cap'n Dave on June 7, 1989
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    Stranger Than Fiction

    Because you find yourself in trouble, you go to see an attorney. For almost two years you pour your heart out, plot strategy and reveal your most secret fears and schemes. Then you discover that your attorney wore a body bug which trans...

    by Michael Lacey on June 7, 1989
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    The Wizard of Wickenburg - If necessity is the mother of invention, then Sonny LaMont is its father

    Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. Build a better clothes hanger and, well, you'd better hope the world has a compass, a four-wheel-drive vehicle and maybe even a can of javelina repellent. Actual...

    by Dewey Webb on May 24, 1989
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    Christian Crusade - Glendale Fundamentalists train their sights on the schools

    Angel was preparing to join the dozen or so children who commit suicide each year in Arizona when someone heard her cry for help. At a moment when her despair was so deep that Angel felt as if the earth was closing over her, a stranger reache...

    by Kathleen Stanton on May 24, 1989
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    Creating a Public Spectacle - Laser magic is in the air

    As long as our bad air holds out, the laser display planned for Patriots Square likely will be a great success. The park has been touted as a symbol of the Valley's desire to build itself a high-tech industrial future. The flashy laser show wi...

    by Dave Walker on May 24, 1989
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    Election Irregularities Charged

    Janette Kimble, one of three ultraconservative Glendale school board members targeted by a recall effort, has been accused of interfering with voters at the Glendale nursing home where she works. Two former county elections workers say Kimble ...

    on May 24, 1989
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    What? A New Who's Who? When? Where? Why? How? Who's Who?

    Get ready, big wheels. Five years have passed since the debut edition of Who's Who in Arizona hit the streets. Now Scottsdale's tiny Success Publishing Company has swung back into action, collecting the names of the heaviest hitters in the st...

    by Andy Van De Voorde on May 24, 1989
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    Ask Dr. Dad

    When you write a newspaper column, some people automatically assume that you must know something. Incredible, I know, but it happens. To disprove this notion, I will now answer my reader mail. Q: My eighteen-month-old daughter takes long na...

    by Michael Burkett on May 24, 1989
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    The Good Fight

    "You folks don't need another holiday. What you folks need are jobs," said then-Governor Evan Mecham to Pastor Warren Stewart. The remark was made in 1986 during a meeting with black leaders who had gathered to persuade Mecham that Ari...

    by Michael Lacey on May 24, 1989
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    Consumer Protection: Don't Bank On It

    Got a problem with the bank or company holding the mortgage on your house? Don't count on Arizona's Banking Department to help you out. Alan and Barbara Woodruff found that out the hard way. They bought an $89,000 home in Phoenix four ...

    by Howard Fischer on May 24, 1989
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