Are the Arizona Diamondbacks a World Series Team?

So....did you hear the one about the Arizona Diamondbacks being the hottest team in baseball?

It's not a joke, it's a fact: the Arizona Diamondbacks, with nine straight wins, are the hottest team in baseball.

The D-Backs now lead the National League West by six games, with about a month left to play -- and they're friggin' hot.

But how long can that flame burn?

The Milwaukee Brewers aren't lookin' to shabby, and the Philadelphia Phillies are the Philadelphia Phillies. Not to mention, the D-Backs have two more three-game series with their down-and-out division rival San Francisco Giants.

This isn't a no-hitter, but we still don't want to jinx it -- however the D-Backs might have a shot.

But we want to know what you think: are the Arizona Diamondbacks a World Series team?

Cast your vote below.

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