Are You Aware That the Phoenix Coyotes Won a Playoff Game Last Night?

Any of the following facts may be surprising to people around the Valley: Phoenix still has a hockey team, that hockey team made the playoffs by winning its division, and that team won its first playoff game of the year last night.

The team, for those unaware, is called the Phoenix Coyotes, and that team beat the Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 in an overtime game last night at Arena in Glendale.

The reason we're suggesting that not many people might know about last night's game is that the team leads the National Hockey League in drawing the fewest amount of fans to its games, and it seems like rumors about the Coyotes leaving town are flying around pretty much every day.

And it's not like the team sucks, either -- this is the third straight year the team's made the playoffs, although the Coyotes have never won the division title before this year.

This morning's question: Did you know that the Phoenix Coyotes won a playoff game last night?

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