Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake Goes on "Cast-Away" Vacation

What could be more relaxing than a week on your own private island in the Pacific Ocean? Well, for one Arizona congressman, the answer is to do it alone with little more than snorkeling gear, a water desalinization pump, and a Hawaiian sling to spear fish.

Mesa Congressman Jeff Flake opted out of a Caribbean cruise to kick back during his vacation from the nation's capital this summer, and decided instead to be dropped off in a remote section of the Marshall Islands.

"My diet was coconuts and a lot of crabs. I lit fires with a magnifying glass and a coconut husk, too," Flake tells the Arizona Republic. "I never was an Eagle Scout, and I'm doing penance for it now."

While most people generally try to get the hell off of deserted islands, Flake says he was looking to see if he could survive off the land and sea -- alone.

After he drew a lot of heat at his town hall meeting in Chandler last month, a week alone on a deserted island sounded like a treat!


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