Arizona Grenade Bust May Be Linked to Similar Bust in Mississippi

Arizona Grenade Bust May Be Linked to Similar Bust in Mississippi

On Tuesday, the Department of Public Safety Announced it had arrested three people after finding 23 grenade casings and one live grenade in their possession.

The weapons are suspected to have been headed to Mexico to fuel the drug wars going on between rival cartels.

Coincidentally, a similar bust was made Tuesday in Pearl, Mississippi and as luck should have it, the person arrested is a Phoenix resident.

Pearl police arrested 38-year-old Christopher Gomez Quezada, who the local T.V. station, ABC 13, is quick to point out "is a woman dressed as a man," after they found similar make-shift grenades and assault rifles in the trunk of the shim's car.

"They were practice hand grenades that had been drilled and filled with stuff that would make them lethal hand grenades and somewhat jerry rigged back together with duct tape and what have you," Butch Townsend of the Pearl Police Department says.

The weapons have been confiscated by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. ATF agents will try and determine where the weapons were headed and what, if any, link there may be to the weapons found in Phoenix.

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