Arizona Gun Lobbyists Form New PAC; Do You Feel Lucky Punk? Do Ya?

Arizona Gun Lobbyists Form New PAC; Do You Feel Lucky Punk? Do Ya?

Apparently allowing any idiot with a permit to bring a gun into a bar wasn't enough to satisfy Arizona's gun lobby.

The Arizona Citizens Defense League, a new political action committee recently formed by local gun lobbyists, hopes to pull the strings of state leaders and sway upcoming elections toward flintlock-friendly legislators.

John Wentling, chairman of the PAC, tells the Arizona Guardian that the 2,300-member group is looking to be active in upcoming elections, and it is looking to help candidates sympathetic to its cause.

Lucky for the ACDL, that's almost every gun-toting Republican and several Democrats in the Legislature.

It's still early, but so far the PAC has endorsed Senator Chuck Gray and his immigrant-bashing, neo-Nazi-hugging Senate colleague Russell Pearce (surprise, surprise), as well as Representatives Frank Antenori, Judy Burges, and John Kavanagh.

"We don't want the lady who runs out at 2 in the morning to go buy milk for her kids and sticks her pistol in her purse to get in trouble," Wentling tells the Guardian.

However, this is Phoenix, road rage central, and we don't want to cut that same lady off in our car on her way to the store and have her blow our brains out!

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