Arizona's Top 10 Appearances on the Colbert Report

The joke's on Arizona so much that we had to separate the state's best appearances on Comedy Central "news" shows into two lists.

Last week, we brought you some of the best Arizona-themed segments from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Now, we've gone through the Colbert Report's archives, to bring you the other half of the best Arizona-based mockery on television.

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-Arizona's Top 10 Appearances on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

1.) Jon Kyl's "Factual Statements"

2.) Joe Arpaio

3.) Ron Gould's Guns

4.) Jan Brewer's Budget (With New Times Cameo)

5.) Colbert Explains SB 1070

6.) Blame in the Tucson Shooting

7.) Jesus Doesn't Help the Arizona Cardinals

8.) Better Know a District: Raul Grijalva

9.) Anchor Baby? How About "Freedom Fetus"

10.) Lori Klein Not Sexually Harassed by Herman Cain

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