ASU Freshman Jack Culolias Has Been Missing Since Friday Night

ASU Freshman Jack Culolias Has Been Missing Since Friday Night

Jack Culolias, a 19-year-old freshman at Arizona State University, has not been heard from since apparently being booted from a Tempe bar/restaurant Friday night.

Culolias was kicked out of Cadillac Ranch in Tempe Marketplace around 11 p.m. Friday -- where he'd purportedly used a fake ID to get in -- during an event with his Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity brothers, and he was last seen around that time.

His mother -- a California resident -- phoned up the university's cops on Sunday to report that she hadn't heard from her son, and she told Tempe police on Monday that she was coming to town with her other sons to look for him.

Tempe police say this call to the police department on Monday was the first time they were made aware that Culolias was missing.

After ASU police found out yesterday that Culolias' last known location was at Tempe Marketplace -- and not the university -- Tempe PD took over the investigation.

While Culolias' mother was searching near Tempe Marketplace when she found a shoe she believes is her son's near the edge of Tempe Town Lake.

Police have been searching the area since yesterday afternoon, but have not found anything of note as of this afternoon.

Tempe PD will be answering questions this afternoon, so we'll fill in the details shortly.

Police ask anyone with information to call them at 480-350-8311.

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