ASU Students Explain Why They Want Sugar Daddies

ASU Students Explain Why They Want Sugar Daddies

We've been skeptical about a website that claims Arizona State University is among the top schools in the nation for female students seeking "sugar daddies" -- old dudes who will pay for their things.

After seeing a video of ASU students explaining what they want out of their "sugar daddies," we're a little more inclined to believe them.

The website's PR team has several ways of describing the types of people -- college-aged women and older, wealthy gentlemen -- it tries to hook up on the Internet. It's a "mutually beneficial arrangement website," they call it -- you know, for ladies who are seeking "creative solutions to offset the costs of higher education."

They claim more than 400 ASU students are on the website and claim to have taken an on-campus poll in which just 1 percent of female students completely ruled out having any sort of hypothetical sugar daddy. Scientific? Probably not.

However, as you can see in the video below, it looks like people working for the website didn't have too much trouble finding students on the campus who seemed fairly open to the idea:

The average, um, "sugar baby," gets $3,000 a month from the "sugar daddy," the website claims.

Gentlemen, this is exactly why you should've been an engineer. Or maybe a doctor, or a lawyer.

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