Audio of 911 Call from Mother and Boyfriend of Murdered Girl Released by Chandler Police

Chandler police Wednesday released the audio of the 911 call in the death of a 3-year-old girl.

The callers: the mother and boyfriend of the dead child, who have both been charged with first-degree murder for her death.

"Yes, my [expletive] child isn't breathing right now," you can hear the boyfriend, 23-year-old Dauntorian Sanders, say to dispatchers.

Police believe that the reason "his" child wasn't breathing was because Sanders beat her with a heavy belt buckle until her little body couldn't take anymore.

"Wake up. Come on, please, please!" you hear the girl's mother, 26-year-old Susan Witbracht, say.

Police reports show that this wasn't the first time the girl was beaten. According to the reports, the girl had been beaten regularly for the past several months.

Witbracht, a regular "Mommy Dearest," admitted to police that she knew about the beatings but did nothing to stop them.



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