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AZPunk Pissants

Like you need more proof that the 'tards at are, for the most part, complete fucking, no-talent losers, obsessed with dragging down anyone who rises above their incestuous little pool of wannabes, but today there are EIGHT TEN ELEVEN TWELVE PAGES AND COUNTING of spleen regarding my post last night defending the exquisite Katie Rose, startender extraordinaire. Isn't it amazing? Here we are in November, and these bottomfeeders are still foaming at the gills at an article written in MAY by New Times staff writer Megan Irwin ("It Girl," May 25, 2006). My advice to the AZPunk crew: Let go of the hate, get thyselves to some career counselors, and you might actually do something with your lives beyond wanking off to KR pics online.

For those who don't spend their lives glued to, below is a selection of posts from these pussies. Actually, some of the posts are kinda funny. And a small minority of these mulletheads seem to get the point. But on the whole, I say, flush at will....

AZPunk Nimrods, Laying Down the Law...


Jeremx: man.. what a hypocrite. that whole little piece was this shy of "hey katie.. look at me.. i'm defending you. can i put stuff in your butt now?"

Gilbert_Sellout: That's what I was thinking. This dude seriously needs to stop worshipping her vagina and start realizing that most people could give two shits about Katie Rose. I could care less if she is coked up, or is having butt sex with people at the New Times. Nobody gives a shit.

1GOD1: The New Times should be proud of the emense (sic) writing talent they employ. Judging by his contributions, that dude is barely qualified to write for a junior college rag.

KarmaKills: She does not look like an alien. Russian boy in drag comes to mind for me. Nothing against her, but NT completely lost the tiny bit of credibility it had when they did the cover on her.

TheRevOrinFilth: shes a bitch (not because she is on the NT cover or because she does alot of blow or because she is in porn, just because ive met her and she is a bitch. and the guy from the new times is a bitch. there i covered all my bases...... new times i will leave you with this message. ALL YOUR BASES ARE BELONG TO AZPUNK.COM

DivaJosh: In a city full of semi-attractive coke sluts, how does one decide which one to put on the cover of a magazine? No offense to her, but trash articles like that make this city look even more trivial and shallow than it already is. Oh well, print is dead anyways. Sorry New Times.


And on and on it goes....

Obviously, the above posters are idiots. KR's cool, and they're not...

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