Baby Gabriel Mom's Frightening Phone Call to Baby's Father: "You Made Me Kill My Baby Boy"

In the latest twist in the saga that is the investigation into the disappearance of Gabriel Johnson, the Tempe toddler who was reported missing by his father almost a year ago, the baby's mother, Elizabeth Johnson, admits to killing the child in a phone call to the baby's father.

Johnson's a little nutso, so everything she says is taken with a healthy dose of salt. That said, the audio of her conversation with the baby's father, Logan McQueary, is chilling.

In the phone conversation, recorded by McQueary when Johnson was on the run with Gabriel in Texas last December, she tells her former beau that "you destroyed my made me kill my baby boy."

As for the rest of the conversation, it was even more damning. Check it out below, compliments of KPHO, which first obtained the phone conversation.

"Where are you and where is Gabriel?" asks McQueary.

"Gabriel is in a Dumpster," Johnson responds.

"No, he's not," said McQueary.

"You want to talk to girls, that's the price you pay," said Johnson.

At the time, Johnson and McQueary had broken up because McQueary was reportedly flirting with other women via-Facebook.

The conversation continues:

"I killed him this morning," claimed Johnson.

"No, you didn't," said McQueary.

Johnson responded with, "I couldn't do it anymore, I couldn't do it alone. You made it impossible for me to have my own life. You made it impossible for me to have Gabriel. You were going to take the only thing I had left. You wanted to take from me. You wanted to make me miserable. So find some new girl to make your new baby."

"Don't you care about me? All you care about is Gabriel. And he's gone now. You know what I'm capable of and you pushed me anyway. You destroyed my life," said Johnson.

"I haven't destroyed anything," said McQueary.

"Yes, you have, Logan. You made me kill my baby boy," said Johnson.

"You made me do this," Johnson tells McQueary.

"You did not hurt Gabriel," said McQueary.

"Yes, I did. I suffocated him. I suffocated him and he turned blue. I put him in a diaper bag and put him in a trash can," said Johnson.

Pretty frightening stuff.

Click here to listen to the full audio of the conversation on the KPHO website.

Johnson, meanwhile, is due back in court on Jauary 24. If she did kill Gabriel, as she claimed and then recanted to authorities later, no body's been found. At the moment, she's only been charged with kidnapping and custodial interference.


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