Baseline Killer Jury Resumes Deliberations This Morning: Mark Goudeau's Fate At Stake

The jury in the Mark Goudeau serial murder/rape case resumes deliberations this morning in downtown Phoenix at the Maricopa County Superior Court.

He pleaded innocent to all charges in the current case, and his attorneys claim that the cops got the wrong guy. Goudeau did not testify at the 2007 trial nor at this one, and his defense team did not present any witnesses on his behalf.

With 72 felony counts to consider, the jurors may take several days to reach a verdict, though who knows?

The panel in the 2007 rape trial returned its guilty verdicts in less than three hours, a short deliberation that stunned court watchers.

We will be publishing an in-depth story on this fascinating and tragic case in a few weeks, whether there's a verdict or not by then.


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