"Baseline Killer" Mark Goudeau Sentenced to Death

"Baseline Killer" Mark Goudeau learned his fate this afternoon when a jury sentenced him to death for a murderous crime spree that terrorized Valley residents for nearly a year.

Goudeau was convicted of nine counts of murder last month following a five-month trial. Today, a jury sentenced him to death on each of the nine murder counts.

"A terrible scourge on our community has now been held accountable for his crimes," Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery says. "I appreciate the diligent work of this jury and the time they have devoted to hear the case and arrive at a verdict. It is now the charge of the criminal justice system to see that the sentences for death are carried out as expeditiously as possible."

See our most-recent cover story on the "Baseline Killer" here.

Goudeau initially faced 72 felony counts for his horrific crime spree that began in August 2005 and continued until June 2006.

Of the 72 counts, Goudeau was convicted of all but five -- he was acquitted of three charges of armed robbery or attempted robbery, and one count of kidnapping. On one count of sexual abuse, the jury was hung.

Goudeau was arrested in September 2006 after DNA evidence linked him to a 2005 attack on two sisters in south Phoenix. For those assaults, Goudeau was found guilty of 19 felonies and sentenced to 438 years in prison.

Goudeau is to be formally sentenced by Judge Warren Granville on December 5.

Veteran New Times scribe Paul Rubin's been following the "Baseline Killer" case since it began more than six years ago. Check back to Valley Fever later today for Rubin's take on the sentences.


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