Is Maricopa County ready for a new sheriff in town?
Is Maricopa County ready for a new sheriff in town?

Best Potential Candidate For Sheriff: Mike Stauffer, Paul Penzone, Or Joe Arpaio?

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- at 79 years old -- has made it clear that despite being youthfully challenged, he plans to run for another four-year term as sheriff.

The good news is he already has two potential opponents: Scottsdale Lieutenant Mike Stauffer, who's been actively campaigning for Arpaio's job since last year, and former Phoenix Sergeant Paul Penzone, who announced last week that he was considering a run to unseat America's priciest sheriff.

Stauffer wants to put an end to the "reality show" sheriff's office that the MCSO has become under Arpaio's leadership. We sat down with the candidate last year. Read all about it here.

Penzone's the former "face" of Silent Witness. He's also a Nancy Grace kiss-ass. He's since served as the Chief Operations Officer for notMYkid, a (supposedly) non-profit organization aimed at educating parents and children of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. His plans for reform at the MCSO are currently unknown.

As for Arpaio: well, he's Arpaio -- his filthy laundry has been well-documented by New Times for nearly 20 years. Click here for the details on his most-recent humiliations.

We want to know what you think: who's the best potential candidate for sheriff?

Cast your vote below.


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