Black Friday 2012 Video Roundup -- Fights, Crowds, Dogpile at Local Walmart and More

This Black Friday, (which began on Thursday), seemed tamer than last year, but a survey of YouTube vids this morning still turned up a few gems.

We begin this compilation of seven videos with what looks like a dogpile on a TV or some other boxed item at a local Walmart. An employee has to put the shoppers in time-out for a moment. Following that is one of several videos we found that show the very long lines some of you waited in last night.

After that, we turned to the national scene for a sampling of the latest films on various fights, crowds and other retail pandemonium. We'll update this post later if any must-see TV shows up.

Scroll down for the embedded videos:

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Dogpile for discounts! Extra points for "shopper's crack." Reportedly from a Walmart 12 hours ago.

Huge line at Chandler Fashion Center night at midnight.

We're not sure where in the U.S. this took place, but it's a pretty good crowd fight over $5 headphones. (We saw this first on CBS News before finding the YouTube vid.)

(Above two videos) Massive and sometimes unruly crowds at Victoria's Secret locations.

Scofflaw action at the Woodland Mall in Michigan is shown at the beginning of the this TV news vid.

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