Border Agents Find Women With Buckets of Chicken: Half Original Recipe, Half Meth

Unless someone's familiar with a Nogales-area establishment that sells chicken and meth in the same bucket, we'll have to rely on U.S. Customs and Border Protection's claim that it busted a smuggling attempt.

Yes, the preferred method of smuggling in this attempt apparently was to hide multiple pounds of meth inside a bucket full o' fried chicken.

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CBP says the two bucket-holders were found on a commercial shuttle van, which stopped at a checkpoint on Interstate 19, north of Nogales.

The meth load totaled almost six pounds.

CBP says the women -- who weren't named -- were arrested and face prosecution, although a check of federal court filings since Thursday didn't bring up any methy-fried-chicken cases.

That may be cooked, but it's sure not chicken.
That may be cooked, but it's sure not chicken.

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