Buycott Rally Supports Arizona Businesses That Don't Support Buycott Rally

Democratic Diva's Donna Gratehouse went in search of big companies being represented out at the pro-SB 1070 "buycott" at Tempe's Diablo Stadium this Saturday. Know how many she found? Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Well, Tempe's Xtreme Bean Coffee was there. (Hardly a biggie.) But otherwise, it was just vendors selling buttons, flags, T-shirts and other crap.

Gratehouse had a list she copied off the buycott Web site, one of Arizona corporations that the nativists and Teabaggers were encouraged to support, including GoDaddy, Cold Stone Creamery, and even Club Jenna, namesake of porn star Jenna Jameson.

I was gladdened to hear the nativists are all for porn, assuming it doesn't involve illegal aliens, natch.

But, alas, there were no booths pimping Jameson, or any of the rest of these corporations. Gratehouse's point is well-made: the "buycott" was (and is) a joke, and the very businesses the nativists are so eager to support want nothing to do with these toothless idgits.

What's up with Xtreme Bean, BTW? Sheesh. Maybe its owners figure that if their customers are dentally-challenged, they'll be able to down more coffee.

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