Campus Police Release ASU Suicide 911 Call

Arizona State University police have released the audio of the 911 call made after a graduate student shot himself in his professors office Monday.

You can listen to it here.

The call was placed by Professor Jason Griffiths, whose office is two doors down from the office of Professor Mookesh Patel, where 59-year-old graduate student David Solnick shot himself.

In a flustered British-sounding accent, Griffiths starts the conversation by saying "oh my God!"

"A colleague of mine just came out of his office and told me that one of his graduate students had shot himself," Griffiths went on to say.

ASU police say they still don't know why Solnick chose to commit suicide in Patel's office and say there seemed to be no personal relationship between the two other than that of teacher and student.


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