Chandler Police Looking for Missing Girl Believed to be on the Run With Suspected Murder

The Chandler Police Department is asking the public's help in finding a missing 16-year-old girl who they fear is currently on the run with a man who's wanted for first-degree murder.

Mixarai Zumaia, 16, was last seen on Saturday morning at her home in Chandler.

Chandler police Detective Joseph Favazzo tells New Times that Zumaia probably is with 19-year-old Pedro Gaeta and that the two are possibly on their way to Mexico, Texas, or Oklahoma, where he is currently wanted for first-degree murder.

Favazzo says Zumaia was introduced to Gaeta by family members and that it's likely that the girl has a crush on him.

Zumaia, Favazzo says, may have gone with Gaeta freely but has since contacted her family suggesting that she's ready to come home.

Zamaia is described as a 4-foot-11 Hispanic female, weighing about 110 pounds (check out her photo to the right). She was last seen wearing a white shirt and jeans.

Gaeta, who police say has connections in Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma, is described as  about 5-foot-7, 125 pounds, and Hispanic.

Anyone with information about the two is asked to call the Chandler Police Department at 480-782-4130. 

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