Cheap Shots 09-20-1989

Ex-Hollywood jungle queen ACQUANETTA remembers those happy days when Scottsdale caterer FRANK CALI once carved a Lincoln out of cream cheese for her. Now their relationship has soured. The Phoenix socialite, once married to car dealer JACK ROSS, is embroiled in a dispute with Cali that may end up in court. Seems that Acquanetta hired him to cater a GOP party last summer at Acquanetta's posh Arcadia home. Cali, whose first-ever catering job years ago was for Acquanetta, claims she stiffed him. She claims she didn't. Now it's in the hands of their lawyers. "I feel very sad about it," says the star of such '40s epics as CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN, TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD WOMAN and JUNGLE WOMAN. "It's a sad ending to a beautiful relationship. I had considered him more than a caterer." Cali, while reluctant to talk about the dispute, says, "She's a lovely person, but I can't do business with her. I thought I was her friend, but I guess not." . . .

Ever since BILL "THE GOUGER" BIDWILL invaded the Valley, football fans have been dreading this scenario: CBS, because of its pact with the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, yanks TV viewers away from an exciting game to force-feed us Dollar Bill's PHOENIX CARDINALS. On Sunday, it happened. Network goombahs zapped an incredible game between the WASHINGTON REDSKINS and PHILADELPHIA EAGLES before its startling conclusion so they could show us the start of the Cards' game with the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS. Turns out the Eagles won their game with an amazing comeback. That evening, sportsmouth STEVE GARAGIOLA of CBS affiliate CHANNEL 10 delivered his own amazing comeback. Commenting about the angry viewers who lit up the station's switchboard, Joe G.'s boy put on a patronizing smirk and chastised those callers, telling them to be "kind" the next time they phone the station. Go deep, Steve. And keep going. . . .

Brace yourself for another dose of bad PR. Word is that FRONTLINE, the aggressive public-television documentary series affiliated with WGBH in Boston, is gearing up to do a special report on tycoon-turned-indictee CHARLIE KEATING. . . .

Earlier this year, Tucson utility mogul EINAR GREVE raised suspicions when he sold practically all his shares in his own company, TUCSON ELECTRIC POWER. He eventually got booted out by his worried board of directors. So it's only natural to wonder why PHELPS DODGE president LEONARD R. JUDD recently sold 9,250 shares of PD stock at $66.25 a share, raking in more than $600,000. According to published reports, Judd now owns only 694 shares of the copper giant. PD mouthpiece TOM FOSTER says it's no big deal. He says Judd's stock sale was a prearranged deal when Judd purchased those shares a few months ago. "I feel reasonably sure the board knew about this," says Foster. He adds that Judd still holds an option to buy 86,000 shares of PD, which is hauling in record-high revenue as we speak.


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