Cheap Shots 10-04-1989

Please, somebody, make our sportscasters stick to reading scores. Please. On Sunday night, CHANNEL 12 sportsmouth BILL DENNEY hosted a so-called "debate" on the PROP ONE stadium issue, and he couldn't even get the intros right. He turned to stadium opponent EILEEN JEFFERY and said, "Are you just a housewife, or what?" Hey, Bill, are you just a doofus, or what? . . .

Speaking of tripe, check out JOHN T. MOLLOY, one of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC's expanding stable of syndicated columnists (they're cheaper than staff columnists, incidentally). Molloy's recent advice on the Business front page to an ambitious working gal--telling her to dress to please her conservative boss--was a howler. "In your position," the elderly, white, male columnist told her, "you need every authority prop you can get." He added, "You must stick to male business colors." According to info about the recent stock sale by CENTRAL NEWSPAPERS INC., the average age of the board of directors and top execs of the Republic and its parent firm is 72. . . .

If you think the Sonoran Desert should not be transformed into lawns and lakes, don't drive past the local headquarters of the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS. The new digs for the AIA's Central Arizona Chapter, on the corner of Fifth Avenue and McKinley, are a pastel-and-glass-block building, stunningly out of place in the creaky Roosevelt neighborhood. Architectural taste aside, why does this building feature purely decorative strips of lush grass? You'd think the architects' society would lead by example and put in desert landscaping. Architect LARRY ENYARDT, who designed it, says strips of grass are common in the old residential area. Yeah, and thanks to the city council's neglect of historic preservation, so are dirt lots and empty wine bottles. . . .

A few weeks ago, beleaguered councilmember BILL PARKS defended his appointment of attorney DOUG JORDEN to the PHOENIX ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY COMMISSION by describing him as "something of an expert in the environmental area." Can't argue with that. We found that Jorden represents one of our best corporate polluters, BROWNING-FERRIS INDUSTRIES, a giant garbage firm that runs the county's medical-waste incinerator and wants to build a huge west-side landfill. It also turns out that Jorden represents Parks in the councilmember's embarrassing tiff with city parks officials. You remember that one, don't you? Parks' new north-side house juts onto what was supposed to be mountain preserve land. It's been a year since this boo-boo was discovered, but Jorden says he and his client still "are waiting to see what the city is going to do.


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