Will Chez Nous live to fight another day...?

Chez Nous lives? For the moment, at least...

Seems we'll know by tomorrow if the little soul bar that could will get a few more months in operation. For those who spied last week's Bird column, the item titled "Adieu, Chez Nous" reported that the legendary Afro-chic waterin' hole on the SE corner of Indian School and 7th Ave. in Phoenix would be closing 2/26 to make room for a Tesco supermarket. On Saturday, 2/24, owner Amina Uben called to tell me that the bar would be closing that evening. Then Monday, she called to tell me that the Chez was suddenly in negotiations to stay another four months! According to my last communication with Uben, we should know tomorrow whether the ebony heart of Phoenix nightlife will keep beating, or whether it's time for a transplant. Till then, learn more about Chez Nous at its Web site, www.cheznouscentral.com.


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