Come Find Your Husbands Ladies; Police Release Names AND Addresses in "Desert Diva" Prostitution Bust

Housewives across the Valley can thank our friends at Espresso Pundit for tracking down the addresses of the more than 3,400 people named in the "Desert Diva" high-end hooker roundup in August, 2008.

Back in February, police released the names but didn't release any addresses, making it impossible to positively identify any of the alleged "Johns."

Well, thanks to Espresso Pundit and City Councilman Sal DiCiccio, those names and addresses are now public.

Sorry fellas, it's going to be tough to tell your wife "no, no honey. It was some other John Smith. He just happens to have the same address as us."

Trust us, we're combing through this one for any notable names, but with this many sleazeballs in one city, it might take time.

There's a Phil Donahue on the list, but he had the sense to use a hotel, and probably a phony name. 

We understand "guy code" and hate to do it, but without further adieu, here is your very own copy of the list to end all lists (and probably some marriages too).  


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