Congressman Ben Quayle Among Several Lawmakers to Hitch Ride to Tucson With "Worst President in History"

Congressman Ben Quayle may think Barack Obama is "the worst president in history," but he's apparently still good for a lift.

Quayle is among several lawmakers who will hitch a ride from Washington to Tucson aboard Air Force One with Obama today in order to attend a memorial service for those killed in Saturday's shooting rampage.

Quayle, as you may recall, ran a TV ad during his campaign where he declared Obama to be the "worst president in history."

Also hitchin' a ride with Obama are other members of Arizona's congressional delegation, including Representatives Jeff Flake, Trent Franks, Paul Gosar, and David Schweikert.

During the campaign, Quayle was also very critical of Nancy Pelosi -- as were most Republicans seeking to capitalize on her unpopularity. Just to make things even more awkward for Quayle, Pelosi will also be on the plane.

And we thought getting stuck seated between two fat people made for an uncomfortable flight...  


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