Did You Hear Rodney Glassman Plagiarized His Ph.D. Dissertation? John McCain Wants to Tell You All About it in New Ad

Democratic Senate candidate Rodney Glassman doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell at beating Senator John McCain in this year's general election. That isn't stopping the McCain campaign from kicking poor Rodney while he's down, though, and its latest jab comes in the form of a new Web ad explaining how Glassman plagiarized his dissertation for his Ph.D.

Under different circumstances, we'd probably call it a cheap shot to continue to pound away at a candidate when it's clear has no chance at winning. However, it seems Glassman actually plagiarized a good chunk of his 246-page dissertation on the (ahem) thrilling topic of arid-land-resource sciences, which is a pretty big deal.

As we pointed out last week, Glassman didn't properly -- or in some cases, at all -- cite direct quotes used in his dissertation. And since we all know that "character matters," in McCain-ville, "The Maverick's" using the issue in his latest Web ad.

Check it out after the jump.   


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