Digital Summer Slide Shows

By Jonathan McNamara

In addition to Benjamin Leatherman's cover story on Digital Summer, New Times is proud to present not one, but two slide shows featuring the popular Valley band (if having 48,614 friends on myspace isn't popularity, I'm not sure what is).

Making the Cover: Digital Summer Ask New Times Art Director Peter Storch and he'll tell you that a lot of work went into not only creating this week's cover image, but the inside photos as well. Here's your chance to take a look at images that didn't make the cover and peruse some of the featured photos.

Digital Summer Slide Shows

Stuck on Digital Summer A group of fans and a thousand or so black-and-white adhesive logos are all Digital Summer needs to increase their visibility on what has come to be known as "Sticker Night." These images are taken from Digital Summer's myspace page, for which sticker night participants have sent in photos of the band's logo from all over the Valley.

Digital Summer Slide Shows

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