Do You Hope Peyton Manning Sucks for the Rest of His Career?

UPDATE: Denver!

The Arizona Cardinals and Ken Whisenhunt delivered the news on Friday, saying free-agent quarterback Peyton Manning is "no longer an option for us."

Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb got his $7 million roster bonus, and Manning's still shopping around for a team to play for.

According to the sports rumor mill, the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, and Tennessee Titans are now considered the three finalists to land Manning.

If the Niners landed Manning, that could potentially be awful news if Manning's any good, seeing as they're the returning NFC West champs and all.

Current Niners quarterback Alex Smith is out team-shopping as well, making that rumor look pretty legitimate

We already complained about the other teams' wide-receiver choices for Manning, and they aren't looking too hot.

We're sure Manning would just have a blast signing with the Denver Broncos and heaving up balls to Eric Decker all day.

That said, as bitter Cardinals fans, do you hope Manning sucks for the rest of his career?

Cast your vote below:

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