from Camelback magazine
CC Goldwater, never losing a chance to show off the funbags.

Double C's Double Ds?

For CC Goldwater (nee Cynthia Ross), being the granddaughter of Sen. Barry Goldwater is basically a career in and of itself. As one reads in a BJ-piece by Dean Meadors in the latest issue of Camelback magazine, a lame-o AZ Republic insert wherein the lightweight content serves as something to wrap the real estate ads around, CC's life remains busy now that the HBO doc she produced Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater is in the rear view. Aside from "writing projects, promotional appearances for the documentary," and the ever-vague "individual projects," she's working on the re-release of her Paka's Conscience of a Conservative, scheduled for Spring of '07. I called CC to ask what sort of royalties or other monies she might be receiving from hawking gandpa's handiwork, but she's yet to reply. Hey, maybe she's doing it pro bono! Who knows?

At the end of the Meadors feature titled, "Growing Up Goldwater" (ironic, since CC grew up Ross, not Goldwater), it reads, concerning what Goldy would've thought of the doc:

She (CC) is certain, however, that Paka (Goldwater) would have respected the show's honesty.

"He would've appreciated it because it wasn't pandering to him," she says. "He would've been proud we handled it as we did."

Uh, the show's "honesty"? What that doc left out could fill volumes. And the show's depiction of a non-contentious relationship between father and offspring is not borne out in the letters I uncovered at the AZ Historical Foundation's Goldwater Archives for my cover story "Goldwater Uncut," 10/19. If you want to get a taste of what Goldy really thought of his children and grandchildren, take a look at the New Times' sampling of the letters here, "Strange Fruit," 11/9.

Of course, the Camelback article fails to mention that CC and her uncles, aunt, and mom are now engaged in an effort to seal the family letters of Barry Goldwater on file at the Foundation -- an effort begun after my story was published to save themselves any future embarrassment. Whether or not they'll be successful remains to be seen, as there's a Foundation board meeting on January 9, 2007 that will determine the matter.

As an aside, I can't help but notice that though CC is 47, and tends to look 47 unless photographed in just the right light, her mommy parts don't seem at all 47. Could such pendulous and still somewhat inviting flesh be 47 as well? In any case, CC never misses an opportunity to proudly offer the pair up for the cameras, albeit fully clothed. And in one of the Camelback photos, beneath her fuchsia top, I swear I can almost see some nippleage straining up against the stretchy fabric. It's difficult to see in the pic above, but if you can locate a copy of that mag, the observant amongst you should agree with my analysis.

At least in CC's cleavage, be it 47 or no, the dead Senator does indeed have reason to finally be proud of his granddaughter....


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