DPS Officer Ticketed For Extreme DUI; Nice Move Numskull

Police say that on Sunday night, a couple witnessed a man struggling to get into his car outside of a restaurant near Tucson.

When the man finally staggered his way into the driver's seat, and drove off erratically, police say the couple called police.

Little did the couple know that if they really wanted to talk to a cop, they could have just tapped on the window of the car they were reporting, because guess who police say was driving--a drunken DPS officer. 

Police caught up with 44-year-old Department of Public Safety Officer Theodore Edwards at a fast food restaurant just down the road from where he struggled to merely enter his car.

That is where Edwards found himself on the other side of the breathalyzer.

Police cited Edwards for having a blood alcohol level well over the legal limit of .08, and while they haven't released the exact number, it was high enough to earn Edwards the coveted "extreme DUI."

Anyone want odds on when he gets to go back to work?


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