Daniel Herdandez
Daniel Herdandez

Ex-Gabrielle Giffords Intern Talks About Practicing for His All-Star Game First Pitch, Importance of First-Aid Training

To gear up for his big night of throwing out the first pitch in tonight's MLB All-Star Game, former Gabrielle Giffords intern Daniel Hernandez perfected his form in a Congressional office parking lot.


"I've been practicing," Hernandez tells Fox News before the game. "I actually got the chance to work with one of our staffers in the parking lot of the congressional office, so I'm hoping that there's no trees like the first place where I practiced, and hopefully no bouncing."

An acclaimed hero of January's Tuscon shootings, Hernandez lauded the importance of first aid training and being prepared to help those in need.

"I think you really have a different world outlook when you realize that in 10 seconds you really can make a difference," he says.

See the interview posted below.


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